Our Work

Our Goals

  1. Grow resilient community entrepreneurs from all walks of life
  2. Collaborate with others to improve services, policies, and community leadership that support community entrepreneurship and community development

Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

We want people to advance their economic, financial, business, and entrepreneurship literacy. 

Our entrepreneurship and business skills trainings and coaching services are geared toward motivated and creative individuals who want to start, strengthen, or expand a business, enterprise, or organization.  Our typical constituents are potential and start-up entrepreneurs, existing business owners, nonprofit organization executives, and social entrepreneurs.  Through individual coaching, group trainings, and ongoing support, we help our constituents start enterprises or strengthen or expand their work in these specific sectors and arenas:

  • Leadership, business, organizational, vocational, and workforce development services
  • Enterprises rooted in the arts, heritage, natural resources, and good food
  • Health, wellness, caregiving, and human services
  • Community development 

We help our constituents increase their understanding of household economics, asset development, regional economic and social trends, entrepreneurship, business and organizational development, marketing, financing, stewardship, and sustainability.

Through our trainings, coaching, assistance, and support, we aim to help our constituents:

  • Connect to appropriate resources
  • Increase their knowledge and skills in economics, finances, business, and asset development and protection
  • Create meaningful work for themselves and others
  • Provide quality goods, services, and jobs
  • Create clear goals
  • Be good stewards of their talent, time & resources
  • Be more self-reliant, resilient, and collaborative

* Note * Some folks decide not to move forward with a business and instead focus on (a) strengthening their household finances, (b) obtaining more education, (c) striving for better or more meaningful work with advancement opportunities, (d) developing a network for future entrepreneurial ventures, or (e) discovering new ways to serve their community.  

Key partners include Business Link North Carolina (www.blnc.gov) and other public (government) business service providers, like-minded enterprises and organizations, community development corporations (CDCs), community development financial institutions (CDFIs), and statewide partners such as Self-Help, NC Community Development Initiative, NC Institute for Minority Economic Development, Conservation Fund's Resourceful Communities Program, among others.

Please contact us for more information or to participate in our work, invite us to speak, connect with our network, or consult with us. 

For your personal resource library, download the "Starting a small business in NC" guide from the NC Small Business Technology and Development Center.

Download the “Navigating Business Services in NC: Your ‘Where to Go for What’ Guide.”

Download the “Fueling Your Business in North Carolina: A Guide to Financing for Small Businesses”

For business start-up steps in NC and questions about key business decisions, contact Business Link North Carolina at (919) 807-4280 or toll-free (in NC) at (800) 228-8443.

For general management questions, explore the US Small Business Administration.

Download the Building a Sustainable Business Plan guide

Check out our resources page to explore our partners and best resources.